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That time of year is fast approaching with many of us having increased levels of stress in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas and the New Year. This could not be a better time to go and see your Osteopath. Why? Well here are a few good reasons:

1) Many of us are guilty of overindulging around this time of year – especially at the work Christmas party by having a few too many drinks or wearing those stilettos that are difficult to walk in even without a drink. Then you end up falling off a curb that you didn’t realize was there. Result: back pain, knee pain, and a sprained ankle.

2) Also, this time of year is a great excuse to get out your finest gear with women often wearing their best outfits and shoes. Those heels may look amazing but this can put a lot of pressure on the ankle joint and knees and in turn affect the back too.

3) Some of us can be rather last minute and leave all of the wrappings presents right until the eve of Christmas and then spend hours in a room leaning over presents. Sadly this too can which can lead to low back pain, not to mention leave you feeling exhausted.

4) Christmas shopping – the greatest contributor to a sore neck and shoulders from carrying all those gifts and heavy bags.

Well, how do you avoid all of the above?

Well, perhaps two pairs of shoes for a night out. Had a few drinks too many! Ask for some help from your colleagues to get you home and do not undertake any demanding tasks whilst intoxicated. As for wrapping the presents, try and do them as you go along and take regular breaks to stretch. Even with those long shopping evenings take regular breaks and don’t forget to stretch.

We want you to have a wonderful pain free Christmas. This is why we aim to be the best Osteopaths in Hertfordshire.

If any problems do start to arise please see an Osteopath to avoid the issue worsening.

by Anita Singadia, Osteopath


I am sure many of us spend hours sitting in the same position at our desk at work every day. This may not be a cause for concern for a week or so. However, when this position is sustained for a long period of time day after day, month after month it can lead to a long-standing problem of neck pain caused by poor posture. This does not have to be the case for you. You have the control to avoid the possibility of developing neck pain in the future by correcting your posture at work.

Here are some tips to avoid neck pain in the office:

  • Regularly take breaks and go for short walks – being in the same position for a long time can cause the muscle to become tired leading to slouching and in turn putting more pressure on the neck. A break every half hour for 2 minutes can help.
  • Stretching – have you ever thought to do this while you wait for the kettle to boil at work? I have often found that many of us are reluctant to take time out to do stretches due to lack of time. However, stretches are a fantastic way of incorporating this into our daily routine. For example, every time you decide to make a cup of tea, how about carrying out 2 minutes of neck stretches whilst the kettle boils.
  • Most chairs are adjustable – therefore adjust the chair height so the top of the monitor is at eye level, keeping in mind to sit upright, to prevent twisting of the neck and avoid leaning or straining the neck.
  • Keep the mouse close to you. When the mouse is placed far away it can cause strain on the shoulder.
  • Also, avoid having a stiff posture by keeping a relaxed posture. For those who already have neck pain, it is common to limit movement in the area to avoid pain from occurring. However, it is vital to move as this is what the spine is designed to do. Avoidance of movement can lead to increased pain.

This is why we aim to be the best Osteopathic Clinic in Hertfordshire. To book an appointment contact us on 01923 710 424.

by Anita Singadia, Osteopath


As the New Year is upon us some of us have thought about getting fit. Many of us may have over indulged over the festive period with a lot of food and alcohol. Exercise is important for healthy joints and our well being. Below is a guide to kickstarting the New Year:

1) Have a goal – whether it’s to feel more flexible, lose weight, begin a new sport, it is essential to have a target to keep you motivated and keep you on track to enable you to succeed.

2) Enjoy the activity – it is important to find something you enjoy as you are more likely to stick to it and incorporate it as a lifestyle change.

3) Plan – try and set realistic goals to ensure steady progression to get to where you want to be. If you try to have an unrealistic plan you can become frustrated if the goals are not met or worse can lead to injuries.

4) Advice – if you are starting out on a fitness journey, you are like to have poor conditioning and may not know how to get started in and an effective way to prevent injuries. If you have recently joined the gym I would suggest having a few personal training sessions to allow you to perfect techniques and form.

So if you have a goal in mind follow these steps to ensure you get the best out of the year ahead with a fresh start – New Year, New me! This is why we aim to be the best Osteopaths in Hertfordshire.

by Anita Singadia, Osteopath


Do you have tight hamstrings, lower back or hips? Are you one of those
people that finds being on their feet painful? Then read on… Booking a gait assessment consultation with an Osteopath could be an immense learning opportunity and a chance to understand why you are in such severe discomfort. We’ve all had both barrels when it comes to hearing of the benefits of correct posture and how a well-trained musculature can help. But if you are anything like many of the visitors to our clinic then you have probably tried training your muscles to improve your posture. The difficulty is that we are creatures of habit, and having cultivated certain habits over many hears our bodies don’t always want to let go of them easily. Enter Orthotics… Footwear manufacturers today mass produce functional shoes to fit a diverse range of feet. Every-body is different, and every foot is different. So whilst you may be a size 7 shoe it is impossible that your foot will be the same as every persons of the same size. Your bones tell the story of your body history: your nutrition, health, diet and this is reflected in the ligaments and joints that define your individual posture.


Put simply they are devices such as braces or splints that aid and assist us inany activity.
Following a consultation with an Osteopath you will have access to a detailed view of your individual posture and how your feet influence the rest of your body. With their experience an Osteopath will know what corrective measure should be put in place to help adjust your gait and so create balance.


Moulded precisely to your foot, a bespoke insole in your shoe will give you the reminder and the gentle support needed to help realign your feet and in turn set you on the road to care free walking.
A bespoke orthotics support will maximise your neuromuscular feedback and proprioception. The additional feedback that this then gives your body will help to greatly reduce complaints like headaches and tight muscles.


Activity specific orthotic insoles will help you to gain the flexibility your body needs in every walk of life. The right material will help your skin breathe and respond to the activity you are engaged in. So the orthotics device for a runner will vary to that of a tennis player and further still to someone who just wants to walk pain free.
We aim to be the best Osteopathic Clinic in Hertfordshire so to find out more, call us and book an appointment.

by Rohit Shin, Osteopath

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