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We are all essentially creatures of habit. 

Good habits like the superheroes of the world serve us well bring us much support, happiness and progress. Along the way we can pick unhelpful habits too, which turn out to be detrimental, unwanted and like the villains from the movies – we wish to get rid of them!

Smoking is one of those interesting ones.

Yes its Cancer causing impact is widely publicised. Its additional impact is damaging the walls of arteries to the extent that blood does not circulate or reach the tissue.  One of my areas of interest is diabetes and adding smoking to the mix is a super deadly mix. 

So what can we do to change anything.

The first question always is…is a change desired? If change is not wanted then the likelihood of anything happening is pretty slim.

When we look at the issue in more detail asking questions like why someone started smoking in the first place or what do they now gain from smoking, there is always much more to it than meets the eye.

NLP has some really artful ways to help look at the finer components that make up this or any other habit. Using a variety of techniques NLP can help to rearrange or eliminate these components to get a different more desired outcome.

So if your habit loop is not working in your favour let’s discuss what we can explore to break it up. 

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by Rakhee Shah, NLP Coach


Queen Draupadi is well-known in eastern history as a beautiful brave and passionate contributor to the realm. History is witness to times in her life when things have been tough and needed to handled well. She consistently remained the strong voice for progressive thinking.

As a fascinated contemplator of history I often reflect back, gaining inspiration at the boldness of change makers. I love to read and find out about how they did what they did and more importantly why.

Change – in any sense of the word is a pondering subject.

Some relish in the tummy fluttering unknowns, some have deep sighs, roll their eyes and slump back into the chair, wishing the need would go away. Others know the unknown, have clarity on what needs to be done and take a firm step forward.

Wherever you set up your camp, one thing is for sure – we all have to pick a camp.

I think we would fall into the traditional bell-shaped curve distribution. Most of us are in the middle. The two other groups either side: loving it and managing it cool as a cucumber or quicksand trekking through.

What determines which camp we pick? What determines when we pick one camp one time but another say tomorrow? What makes determined change makers be such good change makers. This is a lovely question to explore?

As a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistics Programming ( NLP) one area I find answers in is meta programmes. Like mini computer programmes that we as individuals learn, store and re-run, these can be unknown to us or to the wider world as they are deep within the components of our core. The good news is that they can be identified, explored and tweaked to get the results we want in life. It is with pleasure that I help people to apply these types of learnings in any area of life where there is a desire for change to achieve something different.

As an NLP Coach I love working with people to help them get the clarity boldness and passion.

by Rakhee Shah, NLP Coach

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