Reena Cotsford-Dolden

Reena has always been fascinated with the ‘power’ of the mind. It is the most sophisticated piece of equipment on the planet but few people know how to access or tap into its true potential. She has been studying and working with people’s energy for the last 10 years. Her company ‘Hi Energy Healing’ was created to heal and raise the vibration of people’s own energy to attract fantastic things into their lives.
She is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about wanting to empower people to help them live an amazing life and support them through challenges that life brings. As an Energy Healing Therapist, she provides healing, meditation and uses tips and tools of the Law of Attraction to help people achieve their goals.

Her qualifications include:
• Reiki Levels 1,2,3 and Master Reiki
• Egyptian Reiki
• Energetic NLP Levels 1,2 and 3
• Law of Attraction Diploma
• Angelic Realm Courses
• Social Media Marketing Diploma
• Meditation exercises
Reena’s hobbies include walking through woods and by lakes to connect with nature. She exercises regularly and enjoys pilates, body pump, tennis and body conditioning, travelling and socialising with people and connecting with them.

To book an appointment with Reena Cotsford-Dolden, please call her on 07958 931082 or email her at



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