Anita Singadia

Anita Singadia graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (‘ESO’) with a Masters in Osteopathy. She is also qualified in Sports Massage Level 3 and modern accupuncture/dry needling. Anita has carried out 2 years of clinical training consisting of over 1,000 hours at the ESO clinic.
Her training has involved thorough examination skills and treatment consisting of cranial osteopathy, joint articulation, joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques and muscle energy techniques. Through the ESO clinic she has had an opportunity to work with a vast array of patients including paediatric, maternity, post natal, headaches, elderly, acute and chronic conditions. Anita is keen to understand the causal root of the problem a patient is presenting with to obtain the best possible outcome.

Anita’s interest in human anatomy and how the human body works developed from an early age. After seeing the difference that Osteopathy could make to an individual’s life, she was drawn to a career in Osteopathy. Anita believes every patient is an individual and therefore works with the patient and supports them to ensure the best possible care.

In her spare time, Anita enjoys going to the gym and playing tennis. She is keen on travelling and hiking'.

To book an appointment contact Anita Singadia on 01923 710424 or email us at



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