Experienced Osteopath Watford and surrounding areas

Since 2004 Backs To Basics has helped over 2,500 people in pain regain control over their lives. Whilst many of our clients call it magic, we think of what we do as the skillful use of a specialised formula of diagnosis, treatment and advice.

Our registered Osteopathic professionals use all their training and experience to understand your condition and together with the modern facilities in our purpose built clinic we can help you by calling on scans, bloods and other diagnostic procedures.

On your free telephone consultation your Osteopathbacks-to-basics-meet-the-team will determine the best course of action to assist you out of pain, whether that means undergoing one of our therapies or not. Once the cause is established our team of osteopaths will design a program of treatment that works for your body structure and lifestyle to ease discomfort and improve the overall function of your body.

Our Hertfordshire Osteopathic clinic is just minutes from:

  • Watford
  • Rickmansworth
  • Croxley Green
  • Bushey
  • St. Albans
  • London

Backs To Basics offer Osteopathy for:

• Arthritic pain & stiffness • back pain sciatica & trapped nerves • cramp • digestive issues • elbow pain & tennis elbow • fibromyalgia • frozen shoulder • general acute & chronic backache • generalised joint pain & stiffness • headaches from neck & back issues • lumbago • mechanical • neck pain • muscle spasms • rheumatic pain • neuralgia • shoulder pain • stress & tension • sports injuries & many others

When was the last time you felt absolutely fantastic and in radiant good health? There is no price on feeling your best. Let our Osteopaths in Watford help you reach your maximum potential again. To us nothing is more important than your health. No matter if it’s a massage you need or dietary advice we are here for you.